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we are always making good spaces in the city.

We are architects and we believe in story. 

Human create story and live inside it.

We do think people can live inside a good story rather than a bad one.

Today is Long Cafe - Color from the Earth

Cafe Design

Tanuki Cafe - Alien Tanuki's Space Capsule 

Cafe Design

So Home - Rattan in Concrete Jungle

Residential Design & Build

Libray Home - Spirits in the Books 

Residential Design & Build

LongAn Tree House  - Window and Tree
Residential Design

BBG Yuen Long  - Shop under the Stair
Retail Design & Build

BBG Langham - Welcome to the Show
Retail Design & Build

Football Catherdral - Arches of Light
Recreation Space

​Island Research - Island on the hands


London Architecture Festival 

Public Furniture

Cafe Wander - Let the Old Things Sink
Cafe Design & Build

Duet Cafe - Craftmans of Stone

Cafe Design & Build/ Branding

Cafe Wander - Let the Old Things Sink

Cafe Design & Build/ Branding

KotorAPSS - How Deep is Your Love

Art Installation

3D Sculpture - Tanuki Series

Art Installation

We are a design studio that includes registered architect, interior designer, and artist.

We work in a group with other disciplines to provide high standards of design services, including architecture design, interior design and construction and other design services.

We could work with professionals to a multi-disciplinary project.
And We enjoy leading small-scale projects to create good spaces for private clients.

With our professional background & control, we provide reliable construction work with high design standards.

We work for good projects and good spaces.

Every project starts with a conversation.

Feel free to start a chat with us about any projects.


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+852 97502204

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Hong Kong Office
22F, 9 Chong Yip Street, Ngau Tau Kok

Hong Kong Studio
No.46, Tui Min Ho Vallage, Sai Kung

London Studio
11 Tarves Way
London SE109JP


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