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BBG is an online fashion retailer that opened its first physical store in the outskirts of Hong Kong during the summer of 2021, using Instagram as its major distribution channel. The success of the first store led to the opening of a second store in Langham Place, a famous shopping mall in the heart of Hong Kong, by November 2021. The new store features a mesh curtain on the facade and a mesh light hanging from the ceiling, which create a lighting effect that attracts customers. The mesh curtain is made of three layers, each with a light tube at the bottom, symbolizing BBG’s new chapter in a first-class shopping mall in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong
Completion Date:

“ A Second Shop with Same Brand to Strengthen the Brand Development “

BBG Langham

Welcome to the Show

Customers can peek through the mesh to see the merchandise, and the mesh light provides enough lighting to the central display tables. The mesh also gives the client flexibility for display, such as hanging posters for events. Plywood was used to complement the metal mesh and prevent the space from looking too cold. BBG believes that the physical shopping experience will become more experiential and enjoyable in the future, which is why they invested in physical stores.

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