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In designing this STEM room for a secondary school, our intention is to let the students could understand they could make out of things with their own hands. Therefore, we incorporate several fabrication techniques including laser cutting, CNC, 3D printing, digital fabrication, and color dying of the wood for different elements in the classroom. The decorative panel and the signage board are made from recycled wood furniture in the school with the aid of digital tools. The pull-out table on the window side is integrated with a 3D printing handle that has a pattern transformed by the school symbol.

S.K.H Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School
Hong Kong
Completion Date:

“ Creating a learning space that could be fabricated”

SKH Lam Woo Memorial School STEM Room

Make a STEM!

And as the additional sharing integrated with this project, we host a wood workshop that lead the student to make a tool trolley that is prefabricated with CNC technique. The out-come is cheerful and the students who participate much enjoy the process and building up a belonging feeling with the school environment.

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