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Air Home is a Hong Kong apartment located on the top floor of a six-storey building with a pitched roof and high ceiling. The client has a family of four, including a daughter, a newborn son, and an elderly mother who will also live with them. Initially, the client planned to reserve the storage room with only one small window as a room for their son. But this is not a desirable situation to us. Therefore, we thought hard about how to solve the difficulty of needing an additional bedroom. To accommodate everyone’s needs, an additional loft was added to the original 3-bedroom layout.

The high pitched roof was utilised to create a loft above the bedrooms that connects the family and floats in the air. The loft is accessed via a ladder at the end of the corridor, and there is a hammock net and balcony in the bedrooms below to create visual connection. The dining room maintains the pitched roof, leaving it with high headroom for family gatherings.

Pilot & Financial Professional
Hong Kong
Completion Date:

“ Creating a floating loft in the air to accommodate the unique need of the client "

Air Home

Floating on the Greenery

The materials for the entire house were coordinated with the owner's preferences, and with the background of outdoor trees, wood was used as the basic element, creating a relaxing space that made people feel like they were living in nature. Brass and green marble is used for adding little touch up in the details.

The living space features a platform for kids to play with, and the TV is hoisted on a rotatable arm. A white big wall was added for the parents to write and teach their kids, and the client’s pilot collection is displayed along the staircase.

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