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We Craft Good Spaces in this World.

We are architects

We create good spaces between cities and people

And we believe people can live in a better world

London Architecture Festival 

Public Furniture

Spirit in Library
Residential Design with Library 


‘Their choices of materials and hence their natural colors worked so well. They obviously had some clever ideas and solutions in addition an appreciation of natural things. The sense of proportion was very sensitive and pleasing to the eye. That part of design is also classic and timeless and often missed in other designs we have seen. We love the design and in using it has worked extremely well and looks great. Beyond our expectation or as expected '

LongAn Tree House Client – Mechanic Engineering Professional/ IT Start Up Founder/ Ski instructor  


‘ This house is so comfortable that I could love to stay home in my holiday with my family '

‘ The stepped seating outside the son's room is a highlight for the house. This idea proposed by Chi is not common but it becomes the favorite place of my son. And my friends love there when we have a gathering at my house. '

Rattan in Concrte Jungle Client – Advertising Agency & Flight Attendant 


‘ For my new home, two core ideas in the design have been actualized: “Looking into the green” and “Stepping into the green”. The atmosphere created in the living room and the room at the end is different. And I like both. Last but not the least, the Spirit makes the bookshelves more interesting. '

Library Home Client - University Professor 


‘ Every day at 4pm, our daughter will climb up to the hammock space and remind us to read the stories together, it becomes our family treasure story time.'

‘ Really thank you for designing this space for our family, and it exceeds our expectation and our family is spoiled by the space you design. We hope to find such a space in our future home in the UK and hope to have you design it again after we settle down in the UK '

Air Home Client – Pilot & Finance Professional Couple

Rattan in Concrete Jungle

Never Too Small Interview - Youtube 1.5 Million View

Today is Long Cafe - Color from the Earth

Cafe Design

Winstons Coffee - Dark Corner

Cafe Design 

Branding and Identity

We create spaces that echo the branding.

We build up branding with a unique identity.

We are a design studio that includes registered architect, interior designer, and artist.

We work in a group with other disciplines to provide high standards of design services, including architecture design, interior design and construction and other design services.

We could work with professionals to a multi-disciplinary project.
And We enjoy leading small-scale projects to create good spaces for private clients.

With our professional background & control, we provide reliable construction work with high design standards.

We work for good projects and good spaces.

Every project starts with a conversation.

Feel free to start a chat with us about any projects.


Tanuki Cafe - Alien Tanuki's Space Capsule 

Cafe Design 

BBG Yuen Long  - Shop under the Stair
Retail Design & Build

Miscellaneous Space & Design

And we also design unique project for unique challenge

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+852 97502204

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Hong Kong Office
22F, 9 Chong Yip Street, Ngau Tau Kok

Hong Kong Studio
No.46, Tui Min Ho Vallage, Sai Kung

London Studio
11 Tarves Way
London SE109JP


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HOUSE : Corner of the World

We aim to recreate the living spaces in the city that take the balance of aesthetics & function. Our work focuses on the uniqueness and experience of users and pay close attention to detail. We extract the essence of each design and inteprate the space with different contexts.  

We hope our design can bring the users a sense of "HOME".


City and Space

We hope to create different real spaces and connecting real people in the cities.

Spaces that people can connect and feel.

Spaces that people could enjoy.

Spaces that make the city better.

Spaces with hope.

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