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The cafe is a place to house the clients’ fond memories of Australia and their common passion for good coffee. They named the cafe “Today is Long” and the design was inspired by the golden sunset of Australia. Warm red-orange of sunset became the theme colour and it also took reference from the sandstone monolith - Uluru in the Red Centre of Northern Australia. The different arrangements of sunset hemispheres indeed helped form a strong geometrical facade which distinguishes the cafe from its surroundings of old buildings.

Private Client
Hong Kong
Completion Date:

“ A cafe inspired by Australian sunset”

Today is Long Cafe

Color from the Earth

Big windows, various plantings and large amounts of white colour were employed to bring in nature and to create a bright, airy and comfortable environment for customers. It was also the client’s wish to turn the cafe into a social hub of the local area and this was expressed through the indoor seating arrangement emphasizing a focal point at the centre and the provision of an outdoor bar table.

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