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The design centred around a LongAn Tree which is over 100 years old, planted before the client’s mother’s birth. It has great sentimental value to the client, and therefore we have placed a large window in the living room to frame this view of the LongAn Tree. By bringing in more and larger windows, we made the refurbished house brighter and broke away from the traditional dark interior brought by small windows.

IT Professional
Hong Kong
Completion Date:

“ A house connected with the LongAn Tree, the quaint village and the cherished family”

LongAn Tree House

Window and Tree

The entrance to 1F and 2F is separated from the GF and the staircase to the floors above is set back in order to provide a bigger entrance to accommodate a window to look into the Mother’s flat. This enhances the interaction between the mother and the tenants.
Different types of wood veneer have been applied to wall surfaces and some of them to mimic tree trunks inside the flat. They are meant to act as an extension of the garden and to create a warm atmosphere.

The design emphasized the relationship between the Mother and the community. There is a big open kitchen with a large pull-out table which is intended for family gatherings and to encourage family visits to accompany the Mother.

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