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BBG is an online fashion retailer founded in 2015 which uses instagram as the major distribution channel. In 2021, in the time of Covid-19, they decided to have their first physical store on the street. BBG wanted to discover a new way of interaction with customers and to have a wider audience. The client would very much like to grow as a company and this will be an important step for them to create a more established image, so they will have higher chances to land on bigger fashion brand names and to distribute their products.

Hong Kong
Completion Date:

“ Transforming an IG online shop into a physical shop to establishing the brand”

BBG Yuen Long

Shop Under the Stair

BBG was originally based in Yuen Long, a fast-growing area at the outskirts of Hong Kong, and in the midst of Covid-19, they managed to find a street corner shop with a large facade, however, it comes with a staircase which turns the main opening into a trapezium with its underside. Nevertheless, we, as designers, saw this as an opportunity and added the opposite diagonal edge to complete the shape of a house. The new shop is meant to be BBG’s new home and a new identity for BBG where its future success can be built on. Metal mesh of both the facade and the furniture is designed for flexible arrangements of display, so that different events can be held in the shop.

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