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The design concept came from the given Chinese name of the cafe – 浮生 – which means to live your life as if you are wandering around and as if you are ‘gently floating above water’. the client initially wanted to bring in characteristic old objects, but in reality, they made the cafe look cluttered and messy. Considering the modest floor area – 646 ft2 (60 m2) – and low ceiling, the designers instead came up with the idea to divide the wall space and ‘let the old sink’ to the bottom half, leaving the top half free and clean.

Cafe Wander
Hong Kong
Completion Date:

“ Creating a literature space that could let the customers immersed in words”

Cafe Wander

let the old sink

The client is a group of former tutors working in a large tutoring company in Hong Kong. For this reason, a projector wall is integrated so they can display quotes, poems and short stories. aside from coffee, the cafe also serves light Japanese fusion meals. the strips of green marble that were originally embedded into the concrete flooring as ‘old objects’ also double to resemble seaweed strips on the Japanese rice balls that the client sells.

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