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“Duet” is the brand name that we designed for the clients who would like to open a shop which consists of a salon as well as a cafe. The key clients are a barista and a hairdresser in their late twenties/ early thirties and wanted the shop to look cool and moody. As their designer, we found the dual programme of the shop most interesting and we want the brand to embrace the duality and let it be reflected on the facade as well as on the logo and merchandise

Cafe & Salon
Duet Cafe & Salon
Hong Kong
Completion Date:

“ A space of craftmanship where integrates salon & cafe ”

Duet Cafe

Stone & Metal

The design transformed the typical signage area of the facade into a row of triangular ridges with two materials each representing a trade of the boutique. The ridges indeed took reference from the characteristic hexagonal columnar rock formations of Hong Kong and were transformed into a symbol of local culture. Black stainless steel forms one side of the ridges and gives a cool and mechanical look; while washed concrete with exposed aggregate forms the other side and helps balance the coolness by giving a relatively warm and earthy tone. Stainless steel took reference from scissors of the hair-dresser while exposed concrete represents a mixture of minerals contributing to the delicate flavour of coffee. The two elements help balance and complement each other.

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