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The client, a football lover, purchased a 500sqm factory unit to create his own stylish mini-football court, as it was always difficult for him and his friends to rent a football court in Hong Kong. The court is accompanied by facilities such as showers, bathrooms, and a multi-purpose club amenity room. The design adopts a dark and moody general atmosphere with lights highlighting the ceiling and the peripheral meshes. LED strip lights form vault-like structures within each ceiling void, compensating for the low headroom created by the deep ceiling beams of the space.

Private Client
Hong Kong
Completion Date:

“ An Immersive Football Court with Cool Vibe”

Football Cathedral

Arches of Light

The court has strong stainless steel metal meshes along the surroundings to protect the windows and the audience sitting in the corridor. The bathroom uses black stone as the wall finish to provide a general dark atmosphere with diffused LED lights coming from the feature mirror cabinet, while the club amenity room has wood elements and warmer spot lights. The football court is a good example of revitalizing old industrial buildings in Hong Kong and a special place for the client and his friends to exercise and socialize.

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