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Absence from Island is a young and award-winning architectural & design practice founded in 2020 by registered architect Chi. Its work is a direct reflection of the teams’ diverse working experience and education background, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Madrid. For two years, Absence from Island has already gained recognition both locally and internationally. Our work has been published by SCMP, Dezeen, Designboom, Archdaily, Architectural Digest, Detail magazine etc. And The Studio has also won numerous awards within its short establishment, including the INSIDE Award of World Festival of Interiors and Good Design Award in Japan.


We are a group of design collectives including architect, artist, digtial creator, photographer and other design disciplines. Our team is both creative and professional which make sure that projects can go through in a professional way. We are simply perfectionist and passionated that we exploring the fundamental core in each project and pushing the boundary of different design disciplines. Our aim is always creating the extraordinary and unique design for the world.

Design Methodology

We are concept driven and experimental design studio. While function and beauty is our duty, our design approach always come with story. We believe in story which is fundamentally rooted in our world and embedded in each project.  By in-depth research and communication, we create a honest narrative for the project and design together with asethic sense and unique design elements. Our project would express unique scneary atmosphere that correlated with the story.  


We are a Hong Kong and London based design studio and work interenationally. Hong Kong is a fast-paced metropolitan. Despite its high density, it is also blessed with nature. Hong Kong, our hometown, is no doubt a bustling city and more importantly, it is a beautiful city full of hidden breathing spaces. We take it as a chance, for investigating the relationship between city, human and the nature. Regardless of our project locations, our design philosophy will always be a reflection of the city’s persona.

We are a design studio that includes registered architect, interior designer, and artist.

We work in a group with other disciplines to provide high standards of design services, including architecture design, interior design and construction and other design services.

We could work with professionals to a multi-disciplinary project.
And We enjoy leading small-scale projects to create good spaces for private clients.

With our professional background & control, we provide reliable construction work with high design standards.

We work for good projects and good spaces.

Every project starts with a conversation.

Feel free to start a chat with us about any projects.


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+852 97502204

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Hong Kong Office
22F, 9 Chong Yip Street, Ngau Tau Kok

Hong Kong Studio
No.46, Tui Min Ho Vallage, Sai Kung

London Studio
11 Tarves Way
London SE109JP


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